City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

September 20, 2016

August 4th

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Trout Hideout

3 p.m. When the spring warm up first came to the canyon, it was common to see one or two brown trout in the stream with the aid of polarized sunglasses. Now it is rare to see any trout. For the last month-and-a-half, recreational fisher-persons have prowled the lower stretches of the stream. Are the shallow holes of the lower canyon stream fished out? Near campsite XXX there is a short stretch where the stream is constrained by a rock and bail wire flood control wall, that was installed after the hundred-year flood of the mid-1980s. The stream narrows to 3 feet in width and on the east side is over hung by bushes. This forms deep narrow pools of cool water that are shaded from the Sun. A tight school of 10 trout are hiding here. The catch-and-release anglers have not fished the stream out. The trout have become more skilled at evading their pursuers. Since the trout do not use the internet and to keep the game fair, later I decide to redact the campsite number in this note that discloses the location of their hiding place.


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