City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

September 21, 2016

September 10th

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Cattail Refuge

Noon. The canyon is closed today until 5 p.m. The City is finishing cleaning out two flood retention ponds at mile 3.1. The ponds were full of thickets of cattails. These trap sediments and purified the water. In past years, I’ve seen both geese and ducks resting in the ponds during their spring migration. This spring one duck remained and raised a small brood for about 2 months. A bulldozer has scrapped the ponds clean to mathematical precision. The cattail thickets are piled in a heap at one end. Trucks are coming to remove the debris. The cattails should reestablish themselves in a couple of years and the ponds will again become a refuge for birds.

I get a head start on the official reopening of the canyon at 5 p.m. by jogging up the pipeline trail, and I am rewarded by having the canyon to myself, except for one other regular runner, a nurse-mathematican. At mile 1.8, a single crow, sits on top of a telephone pole squawking loudly. The jog out is in solitude and through warm sunlight that is dappled by the overhanging Gambel oaks.


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