City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

September 21, 2016

September 13th

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Cricket Songs At Dusk

8 p.m. While jogging up canyon to the meadow at mile 1.2, The crickets are singing loudly. There is a distinct difference between the song of the crickets in the open meadow and those underneath the Gambel oaks. In the middle, their song is a constant trill of eight or nine cycles per second. Those underneath the oaks have a much slower song at about two or three cycles per second. Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted what I heard on August 15th. Then I attributed the slower song to a lower temperature. Perhaps there are two different insects involved: one in the meadow and one underneath the oaks. Or there could be just one type of cricket, but they sing differently based on the lower level of light underneath the oaks.

The turning leaves have reached their maximum colors, but this year although still dramatic, the colors are not rich. They are faded and muted. To have bright red and orange leaves, two things must happen. First, it must become cold overnight beginning in the last week of August. Second, there must be consistent rainfall. Last night was the first night that temperatures fell into the 50s. This evening the sky is overcast, and as I finish jogging out of the canyon, the first raindrops begin to fall. By the time I reach home, a proper downpour is in progress. This is the first significant rain that the lower canyon has seen since August 12th.


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