City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

October 27, 2016

October 27th

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Hummingbird Home

4:30 pm. It is an extraordinarily hot day today; it is nearly 80 degrees Fahrenheit in late October. High winds blow from the southwest, and this heralds a coming storm front. The high winds blow more leaves from the the trees, and about a football field up-canyon from picnic site 1, there is a tree newly stripped of all of its leaves. This reveals what I believe is a hummingbird nest in its upper branches, but the identification may be wrong. This nest is a hanging cup-like sack, and although some hummingbird nests are sack-like, most are cups affixed to a branch. Assuming that it is a hummingbird nest, it may be the nest of one of the Black-chinned Hummingbirds seen feeding at the retention pond on August 1st. One can see how this is a good place for a pair of hummingbirds to build their nest and to raise a spring brood. The retention pond is about one-quarter of a mile down-canyon, and up-canyon at the next bend in the road is where on August 11th I saw 15 dragonflies in a feeding frenzy. The hummingbirds can have mosquitoes for breakfast and dragonflies for dinner. The adjacent stream probably provides other aquatic associated insects, like mayflies, for a light lunch.

There were about 15 to 20 walkers and runners, and only three hunters, two in vehicles, and one walking bow hunter.


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