City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

October 31, 2016

October 31st

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End of the First Deer Hunt

4:30 p.m. Yesterday was the last day of the annual rifle deer hunt. The guard’s list of vehicles let through for hunting totals 85 cars over the last ten days. The City issues at most 150 permits. The permits are for vehicles, not people, and therefore, there may be more than one person per car. In my observation of hunter vehicles since the start of this year’s hunt, I have seen only two vehicles that had more than one person, and for those two, there were two persons in each car. Yesterday, I saw one hunter car with two people, and about 15 walkers, joggers or runners. The City does not regularly count the number of people traveling into the canyon by foot or bicycle, but 10-15 per two hour period is typical. Excluded from the canyon during this ten day period are bicyclists. On a typical two-hour jog, I also see about ten to fifteen bicyclists. Based on my observation of deer over the last two years, there are perhaps four deer in the entire canyon during the summer and fall. How many of these deer have antlers and thus can be taken in the current hunt, I do not know.

Ponder the recreational equities of how hunting and multiple use are managed in the canyon. There is no easy answer that pleases all recreational users. The hunters will return for another week in late December for the anterless deer hunt.

Today, now that the hunt is over, the bicyclists return to the canyon. Last night there was a severe storm with high winds and heavy rains. The floor of the road is covered with helicopter-like seeds of the Boxelder trees.


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