City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

November 26, 2016

November 25th

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The White Tube Continues

4:30 p.m. Temperatures reached 50 degrees in the city today, but the canyon remains cooler. The white tube is gone completely between guardhouse gate and the mile 1.1. Between mile 1.1 and mile 1.25, there a short stretch into which the Sun cannot reach, and here the white tube survives. The trees remain frosted with white, but the some of the snow surrounding branches and at the end of twigs have turned to ice. The water treatment plant workers have sanded the road, and this helps the bicyclists that yesterday had to dismount and pick their way up and down the icy road. At mile 1.3, a couple with binoculars points out three deer. One on the north-west ridge is a proud stag with long antlers that is silhouetted against a yellow sunset sky. On the south-east canyon wall, two doe are sitting in the snow separated by a quarter-mile. At first, I thought they be ill because deer are rarely seen bedding, but when running down canyon, both have stood up and are browsing. They were just resting, like me, after enjoying the warming rays of the setting Sun.

It is a holiday weekend and no one is working downtown; however, it is a traditional shopping day and downtown is fuller than usual. At mile 0.2, the roar of city rumble (Nov. 18th) is deafening compared the winter silence of the canyon.

In Thoreau’s “Journal” on November 25th, 1853, he observes at sunset that one-half the sky is clouded, but the clouds end at a straight line over his head. The over side of the sky is clear. On November 25th, 1857, he sees a fox crossing a road at twilight. On November 25th, 1860, Thoreau notes how a winter storm has driven and concentrated crows in a meadow.


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