City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

December 4, 2016

December 4th

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Jogging in the Cold

2:00 p.m. In the shaded parts of the canyon it is in the high twenties, and when the katabatic wind blows down canyon, the effective temperature drops into the high teens. While most people avoid this cold weather, many runners and joggers do not. For me, there is unique relaxation benefit to jogging in the cold. It is the reverse of sitting in a hot tub and then plunging into a cold pool of water, what the Romans called a thermae and a frigidarium. When jogging in the cold, blood and metabolic waste products are drawn from the skin and muscles; it is part of the body’s automatic defenses to keep the core of the body warm. After coming back from the canyon, I take a hot shower. This floods the muscles with cooling blood and causes a relaxation response that lasts for several hours into the evening. It is more effective and satisfying than any class of wine. Afterward, meditation comes easily.

In Thoreau’s “Journal” on December 4th, 1856, he describes and takes pleasure in the flat but varied hues of snow-covered Fall.


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