City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

January 29, 2017

January 29th

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Reminiscences of Warmth

5:00 p.m. Another clear but very cold day. Air pollution is creeping up into the canyon. It is Sunday, and there are many young couples walking up the road. After jogging today, I spend some time reviewing pictures that I have taken in the canyon during this summer and fall. There is a teasel in late summer that is now snow covered. The Zen rock contrasts in late summer and winter (Jan. 3rd-Jan. 4th). An autumn brilliant yellow Box Elder tree at mile 1.3 and bright red maple leaves at mile 2.0 are now all branch and twig. Looking back over previous entries, there many days of one-hundred degree heat between July 25th and August 3rd where I would relish the feeling of sweating all of the salt and toxins out of the my body. Now both accumulate inside me waiting for another summer. The heat peak heat and the person who ran through it seem like another foreign life lived by some one other than myself.

In Thoreau’s “Journal” on January 29th, 1856, Thoreau comments that since many animals move out of inhabited areas, humans have little knowledge of the state of nature before colonization. On January 29, 1858, he finds a bright red fungi. On January 29th, 1860, he sees conical rainbows in the snow that continually precede his direction of travel.


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