City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

April 9, 2017

April 9th

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Glacier Lily Expansion

5:15 p.m. Last night and this morning, a heavy rain storm blanketed the valley and canyon, and at night a snow storm left an inch of fresh whiteness on the ground. Another front containing more rain and snow is moving in from the west, but this afternoon is warm and clear. In the canyon, the snow is mostly melted, but it retards flowering cultivars. This daily pattern of alternating rain and sun (April 4th) still controls the arrival of spring in the canyon, while in the city with its artificial selection of cultivated trees and shrubs, the landscape, including most trees is a green landscape. Being distracted by the demands of a working-life, I have always experienced spring in the city as an almost instantaneous event. In the city, springs seems to arrive in a few days, but its pace in the canyon is a more subdued and drawn out affair. Glacier lilies are normally found only above the road bank on the west side of the stream’s first mile, but at the Red Bridge, there is one lily that has managed to establish itself on the east of the stream bank.

* * * *

In Thoreau’s “Journal” on April 9th, 1953, he sees a sparrow and watches a pine warbler feeding on flies. Clowslips are blooming. on April 9th, 1855, he notes blackbirds. On April 9th, 1859, he watches the ripple pattern that wind makes as it blows across water.

* * * *

On April 9th, 1904, residents presented a petition to widen City Creek Canyon Road where it connects to State Street (Deseret Evening News). On April 9th, 1902, the City considered a resolution to eject (homeless) squatters from the mouth of City Creek Canyon and to create a park at the mouth (Salt Lake Tribune).


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