City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

May 28, 2017

May 25th

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Raptor Attack

2:30 p.m. Walking along the wall of green tree leaves near mile 0.2, there is flash of gray, a commotion in branches, and a flurry of falling leaves. I turn quickly to see the back of a grey raptor with molted yellow legs sticking out of a tree. It floats back, swivels up canyon with any small bird in its claws, and flys up canyon low above the road. It will happens in a one or two seconds and I am unable to see the bird’s face in order to clearly distinguish whether it is a Peregrine falcon or a Cooper’s hawk. Later, I turn around and catch a glimpse of the top back of mallard rounding the next bend and flying a foot or two above the surface of the road.

* * * *

On May 25th, 1922, the Salt Lake Telegram reports that prisoner chain gangs are working on City Creek Canyon Road. On May 25th, 1908, three people where arrested for speeding in City Creek Canyon with their horse carriage while under the influence alcohol (Intermountain Republican). On May 25th, 1903, heavy flooding and a landslide collapsed spring tunnel no. 1 about two miles up City Creek Canyon (Deseret Evening News). On May 25th, 1895, the City prohibited two units of the National Guard from conducting exercises in City Creek Canyon out of water protection concerns (Salt Lake Telegram). On May 25th, 1886, the Salt Lake Herald reported that City Creek Canyon had been crossed by snowslides in about 12 places, including one 30 foot deep slide.


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