City Creek Nature Notes – Salt Lake City

July 11, 2017

July 8th

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Failed Grassland Restoration

4:00 p.m. It is the fifth day of summer heat over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I take a short jog to milepost 1.5. The City’s and Utah Conservation Corps attempted starthistle abatement at lower Pleasant Valley has failed. Their manual pulling and chemical application was initially successful, and their efforts resulted in a lush green field filling in with native grasses (Oct. 12th, Oct. 16th, Feb. 11th, May 17th, May 21st, June 10th). Now the treated field and slopes at lower Pleasant Valley are thickly covered with two foot high starthistle plants (June 16th). This year’s restoration budget to abate 100 acres of starthistle contaminated land in City Creek and Parley’s Canyons is about 86,000 USD (Utah Department of Natural Resources 2017a). A controlled burn may be needed to restore this area, as proposed in 2010, but homeowners adjacent to the canyon are resistant (Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities 2010a).

* * * *

Per Thoreau’s “Journal” on July 8th, 1854, he sees the light of a full Moon reflecting off rippled water, and he hears whippoorwills. He notes that shining rose (Rosa nitida) have completed their bloom. On July 8th, 1857, Thoreau counted the 126 rings in the stump of a sawed off white pine. Per Thoreau’s “Journal” on July 8th, 1858 during a camping trip, he describes summiting a mountain in a cloud. There he is surrounded by white with a blue patch of sky above. He sees snow banks in high mountains. Through July 19th, 1858, he continues his description of his camping trip in New Hampshire mountains.

* * * *

On July 8th, 1998, the Salt Lake Tribune reported on the status of the experimental off-leash dog areas, including up-canyon from Memory Grove in City Creek Canyon (Salt Lake Tribune). On July 8, 1903, the National Guard planned a military tactics practice in City Creek Canyon (Salt Lake Telegram). On July 8th, 1891, the Red Bird mine, three miles up City Creek Canyon, reported high grade ore strikes in lead, gold and silver (Provo Evening Dispatch).


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